Webinar: Best Practices Using Attack Simulations to Improve SOC Efficiency

On-Demand Webinar

When it comes to cyber attacks the speed in which you are able to respond is of equal importance as time to detect. While SIEM solutions improve visibility into attack paths, security teams also need to be able to continuously refine their cyber defense.

In this webinar CyberProof's Principal Security Architect, R. Teall Rist will be teaming up with XM Cyber's Director of Field Engineering, Gus Evangelakos, to discuss how you can improve SOC efficiency using attack simulations to:

  • Identify new attack paths
  • Optimize and automate playbooks
  • Rapidly contain and eradicate validated threats
  • Ensure potential threats are understood within the context of your business
  • Continuously validate the exposure of an asset as attacker techniques and patterns change



Listen to the recording of R. Teall Rist and Gus Evangelakos to discover how your organization can expand detection coverage and remediate risks as they emerge. Register today!