Building a Smarter SOC in the New Normal

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With the changing threat landscape, the expectations of the SOC have been amplified. It is arguably more critical now than ever before to extend security monitoring, detection and response to the cloud. But how can you ensure you’re not running into even more alerts or creating more complexity for an already overburdened team?

In this webinar Sinu Peter (Senior Security & IT Solution Architect, CyberProof), Cyril Voisin (Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft) and Ben Chant (Product Marketing Manager, CyberProof) discuss:

  • The most common challenges reported by SOC teams
  • How to adapt your people, process and technology plans
  • Adopting cloud-based SOC capabilities for scale and precision
  • The role of automation and orchestration to improve your own processes
  • The key steps in building a ‘Smarter SOC’

Building a Smarter SOC in the New Normal


Building a Smarter SOC in the New Normal

Watch now to learn about the evolution of SOC responsibilities, and the key attributes to building a smarter SOC.

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