Webinar: DevSecOps - How to Do More with Less

On-demand Webinar 

In the wake of current pandemic-driven disruption, businesses worldwide are—and will continue to—experience budget constraints. In order for organizations to remain resilient they will need to learn how to do more with less, without compromising integrity, value or security. 

In this webinar you'll gain insights on the value of DevSecOps initiatives, including: 

  • How to drive efficiencies while reducing costs
  • The long-term costs on inaction
  • Leveraging open source testing tools
  • Accelerating delivery of actionable findings to senior stakeholders


In this on-demand webinar Tony Velleca, CyberProof CEO and Colin Domoney, CyberProof’s DevSecOps Security Architect, discuss how CISOs can get the most out of their cyber spend, and expand application security programs with lower operational costs.