How Threat Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Leads to Reduced Cyber Incidents

On-demand Webinar

New and emerging exploits and hacking tools are being developed in dark web marketplaces, forcing security teams to optimize their threat intelligence and effectiveness.

In this webinar Orel Pery, CyberProof Threat Intelligence Team Leader, will explore the following: 

  • Virtual HUMINT research that deploys and operates Avatars for collecting the traded malicious codes.
  • Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) created to generate alerts on active threats within the organization.
  • How forensics teams can analyze the data and uncover technical indicators associated with the exploit or the malware

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In this webinar you'll learn where cyber criminals, hacktivists, fraudsters, and malware developers share, sell, and pay for proprietary data and compromised credentials. Learn how to spot, and block, malicious actors before they become the next attackers.