New Approaches To DFIR That Can Radically Reduce Your Time To Respond to Attacks

Live Webinar | December 10th | 12PM EST

As cyber attacks continue to evolve, many organizations find they require digital forensics (DF) to identify and thwart attacks. But what is DF, and how does it relate to security operations?

In this live security webinar you'll learn:

  • What is digital forensics incident response (DFIR) and why is it important in today’s expanding attack surface?
  • What essential elements (people, technologies, processes) are needed for DFIR?
  • How does an effective DFIR program help security operation centers (SOCs) and improve performance such as mean time to response (MTTR)?
  • How CyberProof can help you optimize your DFIR and SOC team effectiveness.

webinar- Live - BrightTALK - LP

Join Shiran Grinberg, CyberProof SOC-DFIR Team Leader and Howard Silverman, CyberProof Head of Marketing for our live webinar on December 10th at 12PM EST. Discover how an effective DFIR program will help SOCs and improve performance such as MTTR.