Optimizing Your Azure Sentinel Platform

On-Demand Webinar

Organizations with investments in Azure are naturally looking to integrate Azure Sentinel and customize it for their specific needs. But those with complex, hybrid environments or with large volumes of data and legacy technology stacks find it difficult to focus more of their time on enabling Azure Sentinel's advanced capabilities, to provide more proactive, measurable threat management.

This session will teach you how to:

  • Adopt an agile process for threat hunting
  • Create KPI-driven reports you never thought you could have
  • Optimize log ingestion and retention process and costs
  • Enrich and correlate events with Watchlists
  • Enable faster deployments and configurations with a CI/CD model

Optimizing Your Azure Sentinel Platform


Optimizing Your Azure Sentinel Platform

In this webinar, CyberProof’s Saggie Haim, Cloud Security Architect, joins Microsoft's Azure Sentinel expert Javier Soriano to show you what you can be doing now to further your cloud-native threat detection and response maturity.

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