Webinar: Real-Life Examples of How Security Teams Mitigated Attacks in 2021

On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, viewers will learn best practices on how individual security teams should collaborate within a SOC to mitigate threats effectively – including security analysts, SIEM engineers, vulnerability managers, threat intelligence analysts and threat hunters.

Mark Vaitzman, Sr. Information Security Analyst, Nethaniel Ribco, Sr. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst and Ben Chant, Cyber Security Evangelist will reference the 2nd annual ‘Cyber Defenders Playbook’ and explore: 

  • Best practice processes and techniques that can be adopted to improve the efficiency of security operations in any organization
  • Behind-the-scenes view of how an MDR provider’s teams work to protect their customers
  • The techniques used by various teams based on the type of attack, such as data leakage, dark web monitoring, and detection on the endpoint.
  • The most effective methods for communicating across teams, increasing visibility of operations and collaboratively remediating incidents
  •  And more..

The topics discussed in this webinar are explored further in our recent report, 2022 Cyber Defenders Playbook. You can read more here.


Our speakers, Mark Vaitzman, Nethaniel Ribco and Ben Chant will discuss about the steps taken by security teams to mitigate threats in 2021