Security & Privacy Trends in the COVID-19 Era


Today’s security professionals are busier than ever. In addition to existing cyber security responsibilities and challenges, their role has expanded to include brand protection, third-party risk management, and privacy protection as companies continue to digitalize.

In this webinar, CyberProof CEO, Tony Velleca and Forrester Senior Analyst, Enza Iannopollo, share how security pros and privacy leaders can tackle ways to support business initiatives, protect their brands, and promote customers' trust.

Register today to discover how your cyber security strategy can contend with:

  • Expansion of cloud services
  • Rapid development of new applications and products
  • Increased IT complexity
  • Global privacy laws compliance

Security & Privacy Trends in the COVID-19 Era


Security & Privacy Trends in the COVID-19 Era

In this webinar Tony Velleca and Enza Iannopollo provide insights on how to evolve your cyber security strategy as companies continue to accelerate innovation, transform internal operations, and engage their audiences through digital channels.