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Our virtual event in collaboration with Forrester & Microsoft focuses on cloud security transformation. It is designed to inspire security operations leaders to future-proof and optimize their SOC.

CyberProof's highly experienced team joins forces with industry influencers to lead four sessions that dive into the most pressing issues facing our industry including the critical components of a modern SOC, leveraging threat hunting and threat intelligence during ransomware attacks and adapting your detection and response workflows to keep pace with the changing landscape.


Event schedule

9:00–10:00 EDT

What it takes to build a world class security operations center

Tony Velleca, CyberProof CEO, Allie Mellen, Forrester Senior Analyst (Guest Speaker)

Security operations have become increasingly complex in the cloud era. And against the backdrop of an ever-changing threat landscape, the talent shortage continues to be a key issue for enterprises. To stay ahead of the growing number of cyber threats, how can enterprises develop & maintain the capabilities they need in order to protect their organizations from cyber-attacks?

In this session CyberProof CEO Tony Velleca and guest speaker, Senior Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen will touch on some of the essential aspects of running a Security Operations Center in the cloud era – including how to overcome the skills gap, the importance of XDR, and more.


10:00–11:00 EDT

Demystifying security provider acronyms: beyond the hype cycle

Jason Malacko, Director Architecture Strategic Solutions and Chris Howden, Threat Analysis Team Lead

The term “Managed Security Services” is an umbrella term that can refer to a wealth of different acronyms: MSSP, MDR, MxDR, MEDR, MNDR… The list seems to go on and on. Approaching this range of services from a practical perspective – i.e., for the CISO looking at measurable outcomes – the question is: What are the differences between each of these various service options, in terms of their impact on cyber defense?

In this session we discuss the outcomes of each type of managed service – and explore the specific ways in which these services are effective in reducing the risk for your organization.


11:00–12:00 EDT

Managing the transition to native cloud security – challenges and opportunities

Ian Ruthven, Product Manager, Microsoft Security Service Line and Jaimon Thomas, Global Head, Customer Engineering

Migrating to a cloud native security analytics and cyber defense infrastructure, enables enterprises to easily adapt and scale at the speed of business; and be prepared for anything the future holds. With attackers inventing newer ways to compromise enterprises; it is very important to maintain visibility by ingesting as much as security event logs for event correlation, advanced analytics and threat detection.

This session focuses on some of the challenges faced by organizations when going cloud native, including migrating from legacy environment, optimizing operational costs, building effective security analytics and threat detection capability and building advanced cyber defense features such as threat hunting, data sciences and more.


12:00–1:00 EDT

How to secure multi-cloud environments

Shay Amar, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, Yuval Wollman, CyberProof President, and Saggie Haim, Cloud Security Solutions Architect Team Leader

Today’s enterprises will frequently rely on a combination of public and private clouds to distribute applications and services – providing the advantage of allowing the organization to use the best cloud for each type of workload. But from a cybersecurity perspective, working in a multi-cloud environment introduces greater complexity to an already complicated IT environment.

In this session, Shay Amar, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, Yuval Wollman, CyberProof’s President, and Saggie Haim, CyberProof’s Cloud Security Solution Architect Team Leader, talk about the vulnerabilities that are inherent to a hybrid environment and how to address them. They explore how to reduce the attack surface area for hybrid workloads and touch on some of the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security.


Meet our speakers

Tony Velleca

Chief Executive Officer

Allie Mellen

  • Forrester Senior Analyst

Yuval Wollman


Jaimon Thomas

Global Head, Customer Engineering

Saggie Haim

Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Team Leader

Jason Malacko

  • Director, Architecture Strategic Solutions

Ian Ruthven

  • Ian Ruthven, Product Manager Microsoft Security Service Line

Shay Amar

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Chris Howden

  • Threat Analysis Team Lead


What will I learn in the SOC Masterclass?

As we assess the seismic changes that have taken place in the past year we will try to understand the lessons learned and see how we can apply them in 2023.

Meet SMEs from CyberProof, Forrester and Microsoft as we deep dive on the challenges and opportunities of managing your enterprise with cloud-native security.

What will be the main topics in the SOC Masterclass?

Security experts will conduct a deep-dive analysis on how to optimize SOC operations for faster, more effective incident detection and response.

Here’s a peek into what you will learn:

  • Quick health check on the state of cyber security
  • What’s needed in the SOC for the cloud era
  • Learn the differences between MSSP, MDR, MxDR, MEDR, MNDR
  • Transitioning away from legacy SIEM infrastructure
  • Optimizing the cost of data collection and storage
  • Learn how to prioritize and mitigate potential threats to your servers and services
Is this event really free?

Absolutely! CyberProof and Microsoft will share insights and knowledge free of charge - we hope you’ll find it useful.

Why do I need to fill out personal information to sign up?

We will always keep your personal information safe. We ask for your information in exchange for receiving a valuable resource – and in order to send more information that we think may be of interest to you in the future.

Will there be a recording of the entire event?

Yes! We will share a recorded and edited version of the entire webinar via email so make sure you insert your contact info correctly. We’ll also follow up with dedicated content summarizing the entire event.