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This online event focuses on strategies that businesses can utilize to minimize the risk of cyberattack when moving towards cloud-native infrastructures. We aim to inspire security professionals to upgrade and fine-tune their security best practices.   

CyberProof’s experts and invited guests will delve into the most pressing challenges that SOC teams are faced with today. These issues range from addressing security hurdles associated with cloud migration to understanding the emerging role and impact of GenAI, exploring how threat hunting introduces innovative methods to reduce risk, and optimizing your detection and response mechanisms to stay one step ahead of new and constantly evolving threats.


Event schedule

09:00-09:45 EDT

From the front lines: A CISO's perspective on cyber threats in the financial sector

Yuval Wollman, President, CyberProof and Michael Livni, CISO, Valley Bank

In this session, we will discuss the evolving cyber threat landscape and its implications for businesses and individuals in the highly regulated financial sector. Our guest speaker will share insights into how to mitigate cyber threats in these challenging times and his views on the opportunities ahead for the financial sector.  

This session will touch on: 

  • A CISO's approach to cyber incident response, illustrated with real-life experiences. 
  • Effective security frameworks and strategies for managing security risks. 
  • A CISO’s perspective on the future of cyber defense, including game-changing technologies. 
  • Risk management in an ever-evolving cyber landscape.


09:45-10:30 EDT

Cloud security and the modernization journey: Case studies that highlight the path to success

Jason Malacko, Director Architecture Strategic Solutions, CyberProof, Saggie Haim, Lead Solution Architect, CyberProof

In this session we will explore cloud security transformation, with an emphasis on real-world case studies that illustrate the path to success. The discussion will include: 

  • Addressing key challenges and pain points encountered during the process of cloud migration. 
  • Discussing how to align security stacks with specific business and technical requirements, and the subsequent impact on efficiency, process alignment, and overall security. 
  • Investigating the process of streamlining technology adoption, outlining common architectures and potential pitfalls. 
  • Evaluating the extended applications of a data lake, offering solutions and adding value to various non-security areas of business. 
  • Understanding the interplay of AI and Machine Learning with cloud-native architecture and their transformative role in reshaping cloud security.


10:30-11:15 EDT

Navigating multi-cloud environments: How to maintain security operations while optimizing cloud costs

Orit Sigal-Vadai, Chief Information Officer, CyberProof and Tony Richards, Security Leader, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

In today’s digital landscape, multi-cloud strategies have emerged as a powerful tool for organizations aiming to optimize costs and streamline workloads. However, the complexities of these multi-cloud architectures pose a major challenge for organizations looking to comprehensively manage their assets.  How can organizations maintain security infrastructures while maximizing visibility into their multi-cloud environments?

The discussion includes: 

  • What CIOs today are grappling with most when managing multi-cloud environments. 
  • Best practices for building and designing a cost-effective multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Techniques for identifying and mitigating major security risks inherent to multi-cloud environments.
  • The transformative role of Machine Learning and AI tools in automating cloud operations, decreasing costs, and boosting security.

11:15-12:00 EDT

The GenAI arms race: Attackers vs defenders

Adnan Masood, PhD., Chief AI Architect, UST and Dina Berenbaum, Senior Lead Data Scientist at CyberProof

Against the backdrop of the AI revolution, a formidable challenge has emerged as cyber attackers and defenders vie for supremacy. Join industry experts in this session as they delve into crucial aspects of the GenAI Arms Race, including advanced attack strategies, the role of AI in security operations, and innovative defense techniques.  

This session offers invaluable insights to enhance your cybersecurity posture and stay ahead in the perpetual struggle against emerging threats. 

  • Actionable security steps you can take now. 
  • Advanced attack strategies. 
  • The role of AI in security operations. 
  • Innovative defense techniques.


Meet our speakers

Dina Berenbaum

Senior Lead Data Scientist, CyberProof

Saggie Haim

Lead Solution Architect, CyberProof

Michael Livni

  • Chief Information Security Officer, Valley Bank

Jason Malacko

Director Architecture Strategic Solutions, CyberProof

Adnan Masood

Adnan Masood, PhD., Chief AI Architect, UST

Tony Richards

Security Leader, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

Orit Sigal-Vadai

Chief Information Officer, CyberProof

Yuval Wollman

President, CyberProof


What will I learn in the SOC Masterclass?

Our virtual event focuses on how enterprises can mitigate risk while transitioning to cloud-native ecosystems. It is designed to inspire security professionals to enhance and optimize their security operations.

What will be the main topics in the SOC Masterclass?

We will conduct “deep dives” into some of the most pressing issues SOC teams are facing today, including:

  • A CISO's perspective on cyber threats in the financial sector
  • Cloud security and the modernization journey: case studies that highlight the path to success
  • Navigating multi-cloud environments: How to maintain security while optimizing cloud costs
  • The GenAI Arms Race: attackers vs. defenders
Is this event really free?

Absolutely! We will share insights and knowledge free of charge - we hope you’ll find it useful.

Why do I need to fill out personal information to sign up?

We will always keep your personal information safe. We ask for your information in exchange for receiving a valuable resource – and in order to send more information that we think may be of interest to you in the future.

Will there be a recording of the entire event?

Yes! We will share a recorded and edited version of the entire webinar via email so make sure you insert your contact info correctly. We’ll also follow up with dedicated content summarizing the entire event.