The Inner Workings Of Cyber Defenders

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Security threats are on the rise, and your SOC team may need to adapt quickly to collaborate and communicate across multiple teams. In this webinar, we’ll take you through three attack campaigns from 2020 using real examples of how different teams within CyberProof and our customers worked together - including L1 and L2 analysts, security engineers, incident responders and threat intel analysts - to mitigate these attacks.

In this webinar, Nethaniel Ribco, Sr. Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist, Mark Vaitzman, Sr. Analyst, and Ben Chant, Product Marketing Manager explore:

  • How the techniques used by various teams differed based on the type of attack, such as data leakage, dark web monitoring, and detection on the endpoint.
  • How to capture relevant data from both internal and external sources for reinforced learning and tuning of detection and response capabilities
  • The most effective methods for communicating across teams, increasing visibility of operations and collaboratively remediating incidents

The Inner Workings Of Cyber Defenders


The Inner Workings Of Cyber Defenders

Our speakers discuss the collaborative work performed by defence teams, including SIEM engineers and threat hunters. Watch this webinar to gain insight about the positive impact of collaboration on mitigating security threats in a variety of situations.

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