Webinar: Upgrade your SOC - from log collection to true threat detection & response

On-Demand Webinar

Security operations teams must extend their threat visibility into cloud environments. But too often, they are unable to turn their attentions away from simple log management – when they'd rather be focused on taking action on validated threats.

In this webinar, we discuss how to move your daily activities from optimizing log collection to focusing on advanced threat detection & response activities, including:

  • How to avoid becoming a cloud storage operations center
  • Defining and optimizing cloud security use cases
  • Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel for cloud-native advanced analytics, automation and hunting
  • Adopting a hybrid resourcing model to focus your staff on high priority tasks


Our speakers, Iftekhar Hussain and Aman Malhotra discuss how to overcome the cloud data management challenges when adopting Microsoft Sentinel and focus on advanced SOC capabilities.