Visibility Into The Vulnerabilities That Matter

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On October 2020, CyberProof hosted The Smarter SOC Summit, a 5-part series which addressed the challenges and the solutions found while maintaining the security of your company, its data, employees and reputation. Leading experts, security professionals from CyberProof, and other strategic partners shared how uncertainty is shaping 2021 cyber security strategies.

In this webinar, Sean Keef, Skybox Security North American Technical Director, and Sinu Peter, CyberProof Principal Security Architect analyze:

  • The infrastructure sprawl challenges that organizations and CISOs face today.
  • The monetary incentives encouraging attackers to make cyber threats.
  • Finding the right balance between focusing on SOCs and threat prevention initiatives.

Visibility Into The Vulnerabilities That Matter


Visibility Into The Vulnerabilities That Matter

Our speakers discuss the issues posed while maintaining incident responses and focusing on SOCs, and the significance of keeping a secure environment while handling ongoing infrastructure challenges.

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