CISO Talks: Security Operations in the Finance Sector

On-Demand Webinar

Organizations in the Finance industry are transforming their digital systems at a staggering rate but as a result are facing targeted threats on a daily basis from banking trojans such as Emotet or Cereberus to ransomware threats like NetWalker and supply chain attacks from nation-state threat actors.

Given the technological diversification and dispersal in this industry, how can Finance organizations maintain the efficacy of their day-to-day security operations while keeping control of their costs?

In this webinar, we’ll be speaking with two CISOs with multi-year experience in the Finance industry to get their insights on how to overcome some of the most persistent challenges facing Security Operations teams, including:

  • How security operations can demonstrate reduction in business risk
  • Prioritizing where to augment you existing SOC function
  • Finding the right balance between insourced and outsourced security support
  • Ensuring ongoing visibility into vulnerabilities
  • And more…

CISO Talks: Security Operations in the Finance Sector


CISO Talks: Security Operations in the Finance Sector

Hear from Adam Drabik, Sion Hughes , and Ben Chant as they discuss the ways that Financial Services organizations can overcome the threats that result from technological advancement, and the steps to improve their cyber security posture.

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