Webinar: Infosec in India – Before, During, and After COVID-19

On-demand Webinar

The scope of the coronavirus pandemic, and its global and regional impacts are coming to light. The attack surface has expanded in tandem with the spread of the virus, posing higher risks for remote employees and the organizations they work for. 

COVID-19 has changed business operations in terms of cyber spend availability, while at the same time work from home security has created increased vulnerabilities. 

In this webinar CyberProof India's Head of Cyber Security Business, Anand Trivedi, sheds light on:

  • The scope of how the pandemic has affected Indian enterprises
  • New cyber security challenges 
  • How CISO’s can respond and do more with less


Listen to the webinar on-demand to gain a deeper understanding of Infosec in India; before, during, and after COVID-19.

Learn how CISOs can prioritize threat intelligence operations and provide support and training for a greater reliance on security teams.