Webinar Recast: Migrating from on-prem to Azure-based threat detection and response


As organizations migrate their workloads to the cloud, security teams are evaluating how the Microsoft Security Stack can help them to establish a hybrid security monitoring, threat detection and response capabilities that can secure both on-premises and cloud environments. But migrating to cloud-native security operations can also bring about new challenges that need to be addressed.
In this webinar, we’ll provide guidance on how to address these issues, as well as the key considerations when adopting a cloud-native SOC with Microsoft including:

  • Transitioning from a legacy/on-premises SIEM to Azure Sentinel.
  • Effectively migrating existing - and developing new - log sources, rules, use cases, reporting, queries, connectors, and more.
  • Maintaining visibility of on-prem. infrastructure.
  • Reducing threat detection and response times in Azure.


Hear from Sinu Peter, Saggie Haim, and Ben Chant and they discuss how to overcome the challenges that security teams face as they migrate to cloud-native security operations.