How to Reverse Cyber security’s Self-Inflicted Staffing Shortage

On-demand Webinar

Every day, we hear news stories, speeches, and vendor pitches that lament our acute cyber security talent shortage, one that will take years to address.

However, the shortage is largely self-inflicted, which means CISOs can tackle it quickly by changing the ways they recruit, train, and retain people. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The myths and facts around cyber security staffing
  • How automation and orchestration is being used to reduce analyst overload and fatigue
  • A more effective way for security pros to build a complete, qualified security team.
  • Tips for retaining staff and augmenting team skills.


Join guest speaker, Jeff Pollard, Forrester Principal Analyst and Howard Silverman, CyberProof Head of Marketing for our live webinar on November 6th at 11AM EST. Discover the myths and facts of today's cyber security staffing shortage - and what you can do to overcome them.